We create and offer handmade enamel products, especially MUGS and SIGNS of different sizes and shapes suitable both for interior and exterior use.

Our durable enamel MUGS can be customized according your wishes or you can choose from a wide range of our designs.

We offer enamel SIGNS used for labeling buildings, streets and institutions, house numbers, warning and advertising signs, flags and signs with animal themes. We will also be glad to create a sign according individual request of our clients.

We also expanded our range of enamel magnets, clocks and thermometers . 

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.


Essentially, the enamel is a siliceous meltage, that is in the form of powder mixed together with water spread on metal and after being burnt it creates glossy and smooth protective coating with unique attributes. We must mention the permanence of colouring- this surface will stay without any change in colors or gloss for centuries, resistance to the corrosion and other unfavourable external conditions and hardness (thanks to the silicon).


The technique of enamelling is known for a very long time and that is why it is tried, tested and reliable process. 

Enamelling is a technological process during which a thin layer of a base enamel is applied on the metal surface and after being burnt there are applied and again burnt individual color layers. The firing temperatures range from 750°C to 850 °C. Enamel signs are made of metal sheet with a thickness of 1,2 mm. These sheets are specially designed for finishing by enamel.